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           Door Camera
          Single or multi station with intercom that allows the homeowner to view and talk to a person at the door and also allows push-button entry. The viewing station can be tied into the cable so that any TV can be used as a station. It can also be tied into the phone system so that any phone can become an intercom.

          Security Cameras
          Multiple cameras can be installed in the home to allow for constant monitoring from a TV set in the home or from a computer anywhere in the world. A digital recorder, the internet, and structured wiring make this possible.

          Audio & Video Source Systems

  • Multi-zone, multi-source audio and video available through the home

  • Single or multi ( up to 4 ) source audio inside and outside on a deck or in the yard with volume control for each zone.

  • System can make use of almost any audio equipment the homeowner already owns.

  • Multi source video system that will allow "networking" throughout the home of TVs, VCRs, DVD players, computers, cameras, etc.

  • System may require additional equipment for sources

          Home Theater

  • Motorized projection screen

  • Projectors, plasma or big screen displays

  • Single button automation for the entire system

  • Can retrofit existing spaces into plush home theatres